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 91.3 Sport FM

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PostSubject: 91.3 Sport FM   Tue 21 Sep - 8:49

91.3 Sport FM

Sport FM's Website www.sportfm.com.au

Sport FM's Listen Live www.perthnow.com.au/sport/sportfm913

Sport FM's Rugby League Broadcasts www.2gb.com.au

Background of Sport FM and Sport FM's 'WAFL Team of the Year'
to follow as well as Sport FM Broadcast Schedule for Winter and
Summer. Plus heaps more.
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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Tue 21 Sep - 9:26

Sport FM's '2010 WAFL Team of the Year'

Criteria for Selection (One or more of the following):

- Can't be "too good of a player"
- Cool Name
- Part of SportFM broadcast team at one time or another
- Played well during a SportFM broadcast game (other games don't matter)
- Corbin bias
- No real reason

'2010 WAFL Team of the Year'

B: Adam Iacobucci, Bart T. Ram, Tendai Mzungu
HB: Ash Smith (c), Casey Sibosado, Caleb Shadbolt
C: Conor Davidson, Kane Mitchell, Shaun Hilderbrandt
HF: Ian Richardson, Matt Ferguson, Marcus Marigliani
F: Daniel Macaulay, Chad Jones, Ben Bucovaz
Foll: Paul Mugambwa, Bernard Sneeuwjagt, Brad Sheppard
I/C: Freddie Clutterbuck, Wayde Twomey, Greg Rix
Coach: Shane Woewodin
Assistants: Jeremy Humm, Trevor Williams, Greg Harding
Ruck Coach: Percy Johnson
Rookie List: Aaron Heal
Hall of Fame: Percy Johnson (Legend), Chris Mitsopolous (Mitzy)
Field Umpires: Rhett Hollick, Mark Bowden
Boundary Umpires: Ryan Sinclair, Brandon Simpson
Goal Umpires: Jack Crawshaw, Lauren French
CEO: Colin Minson
Property Steward: Brett Sprigg
Ground Manager: Gary Landich
Ground Announcer: East Fremantle PA
MC: Luke McManus

Sandover Medal Votes: 140 - which is more than Subiaco, South Fremantle, Perth and Peel!

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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Tue 21 Sep - 10:47

About Sport FM

91.3 SportFM (Western Sports Media) is a Perth based community radio station that offers a unique but much needed service to the Perth Community.

The primary aim of Western Sports Media is to provide an outlet for grassroots sports that don't receive the necessary media exposure they deserve as well as other sports that receive limited coverage from the commercial media.

Another of SportFM's primary aims is to cover aspects of particular sports that are not regularly or adequately covered by the Perth commercial media.

Whether it's at the elite or grassroots level, SportFM's objective to inform, entertain and promote sport.

There are only so many sports that can occupy the commercial media's eye - SportFM opens the other eye for those sports who thought it was closed.

If you are part of a sporting organisation that needs promoting or you would like it to have its own show, email the station - info@sportfm.com.au


Western Sports Media (WSM) commenced broadcasting in late 2003 on the 90.5FM frequency, as allocated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

During the time of late 2003 and January 2008, WSM shared the 90.5FM frequency with Capital Radio (a community radio station dedicated towards senior citizens).

Both stations shared the frequency with a Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence (TCBL).

On 7 January 2008, (ACMA) decided it was in the best interest of the Perth community to grant 90.5FM to Capital Community Radio and 100.9FM to Peedac Pty Ltd, (an Indigenous applicant group).

As a result, WSM had to cease broadcasting on 90.5FM on 8 January 2008 at 8pm.

Despite losing its licence in January 2008, the team at WSM were heartened and extremely grateful to the tens of thousands of listerners who emailed and wrote letters supporting the station's bid for a full time licence.

The tremendous showing of support clearly indicated a strong and loyal listening audience that believed in the station's purpose here in WA.

And it was that strong and vocal voice of the passionate Perth sporting community that helped WSM gain another Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence on the vacant 101.7FM frequency.

That licence was awarded to WSM on 20 June 2008. On July 2nd at 5pm, WSM hit the Perth airwaves once again for the first time in six months, this time on 101.7FM.

On 12 November 2009, ACMA announced that WSM were successful in their application for a full time broadcasting licence.

Fast Forward to early 2010 and at 12am on 2 February 2010, SportFM commenced full time broadcasting on 91.3FM.

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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Tue 21 Sep - 10:57

SportFM Membership

Show your support for 91.3 SportFM by becoming a member.

Memberships are $11 per year for one person (incl 10% GST).

Download the membership application form from SportFM's Website
under Station Profile, then About SportFM.

As a member, you are entitled to attend the 91.3 SportFM Annual General Meeting - date and location to be advised by email to all members.

If you have any queries, please contact the station between 9am and 3pm Monday - Friday on (08) 9418 7700 or email info@sportfm.com.au

These people currently serve on the Western Sports Media Board:

Colin Minson - Chairman
Jason Dattilo - Station, Production and Web Manager
Brian Waterer - Secretary/Treasurer
Keith Ellis - Community Sport Liaison Officer/Marketing
Ian Fowler - Sponsorship/Membership
Ian Hale - Training

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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Tue 21 Sep - 11:21

Summer Schedule (Approximately October to Mid March)

Please Note: the Summer Schedule is subject to change due to coverage of the Warriors (Cricket)


06:00 Sports Breakfast
09:00 Sports Beat
12:00 Breakfast ReWind
14:00 OverDrive
17:00 Golf Show
18:00 Midland Guilford Cricket Show
18:30 Hawk Talk Radio
19:00 Talking Mariners
19:30 Wrestle Radio
20:00 JT The Brick (Fox Sports Radio)


06:00 Sports Breakfast
09:00 Sports Beat
12:00 Breakfast ReWind
14:00 OverDrive
17:00 Basketball Program (TBC)
18:00 A-League Program
19:00 The Rookie List
20:00 JT The Brick (Fox Sports Radio)


06:00 Sports Breakfast
09:00 Sports Beat
11:00 Talking Fitness
11:30 European Tour Race to Dubai Show
12:00 Breakfast ReWind
14:00 OverDrive
17:00 OneOut.OneBack
18:00 Talking Horses
19:00 MX Weekly
20:00 JT The Brick (Fox Sports Radio)


06:00 Sports Breakfast
09:00 Sports Beat
12:00 Breakfast ReWind
14:00 OverDrive
17:00 Football League Podcast (Aug - May)
18:00 Spoked
18:30 Talking Baseball
19:00 Perth Heat Broadcast (If Fixtured)
19:30 Thursday Night Sports Review
20:00 JT The Brick (Fox Sports Radio)


06:00 Sports Breakfast
09:00 Sports Beat
10:00 Barclays EPL Podcast (Aug - May)
10:30 Football League Podcast (Aug - May)
11:30 Total Rugby
12:00 Breakfast ReWind
14:00 Sports Beat continues
15:00 Weekend Sports Preview
16:00 European Tour Race to Dubai Show
16:30 Sailing Perth
17:00 Friday Sundowner
20:00 JT The Brick (Fox Sports Radio)


07:00 Bowls Talk (Nov-Apr)
08:00 Swan and Helena District Cricket Show
08:30 Perth Cricket Association Show
09:00 Suburban Turf Cricket Show
09:30 South Metropolitan Cricket Show
10:00 Barclays EPL Podcast (Aug - May)
10:30 Total Rugby
11:00 WACA First Grade Broadcast
18:30 Barclays EPL Podcast (Aug - May)
19:00 Football League Podcast (Aug - May)
20:00 Overnight Disco Music Mix


08:00 Sunday Breakfast
12:00 Sunday Sports Cruise
18:00 Combat Sports Show (Mar - Dec)
19:00 Let's Talk Football (Feb - Oct)
20:00 UK Football Show (Aug - May)
22:00 Overnight Disco Mix

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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Wed 22 Sep - 8:10

Sponsoring SportFM

91.3 SportFM provides various sponsorship packages which are all
tailor made to suit both large and small budgets, ensuring your product
or service will recieve maximum exposure, at the least possible price.

Over the past few years, SportFM has built up a strong and loyal listener
base primarily in the age group of 35 to 65.

However, due to SportFM's heavy emphasis on sport, the age group can
vary quite dramatically giving you, as a sponsor, a broad audience to
promote your service.

For more details about becoming a SportFM sponsor, please call SportFM
between 9:00am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday on (08) 9418 7700.

Alternatively, email Sales Executive Bernie Clark via bernie@sportfm.com.au

Tremendous amount of listener support for SportFM

When SportFM applied for a full time licence in mid to late 2007, the
station received over 16,000 letters/emails of support in the space of
just 6 weeks!

In fact, if it wasn't for the listener support, SportFM would simply not
be on the airwaves.

This type of support clearly indicates SportFM has a strong and loyal
following - one which you can promote you product/service to.

Your company's message sinks in with the listeners

SportFM is a community radio station which means it is only allowed a
maximum of 5 minutes worth of sponsorship spots per hour.

However, this works in your favour because your message will not get
lost in a block of 8 - 10 spots which you would normally hear on the
average commercial station.

Therefore your company's message has a much greater chance of staying
in the listener's mind long after it has aired.

Free exposure on SportFM's website

As you have probably already noticed, SportFM rewards it's station sponsors with free exposure on its website in the form of a logo and

This gives each company maximum exposure and value for their dollar
and because a majority of SportFM's programming can be heard online,
once again, this helps give your company maximum exposure.

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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   Sun 3 Oct - 10:24

Tune into 91.3 Sport FM from 2pm today for coverage of the NRL Grand Final

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Sydney Roosters

alternatively you can tune in to www.2gb.com.au for the broadcast of the NRL Grand Final.
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PostSubject: Re: 91.3 Sport FM   

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91.3 Sport FM
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